Click here to View - GRAND INAUGURATION – SAT MARCH 6TH We have built a Sant Sadan (Hall of Saints) in the Community Center of our Hindu Temple at Omaha, Nebraska, USA. The idea is to celebrate the lives of our prominent saints and Maharishis, this will serve to educate our next generations of Indian Americans about these saints and their contributions to Sanatana Dharma(Hinduism). The Sant Sadan will be the home of the spiritual and vedantic part of our beloved Hindu Temple. It will also be a Center of Learning for the Santana Dharma in North America. We plan to invite prominent religious leaders, yogis, academics and other prominent speakers to come to the Sant Sadan to share their Gyana (knowledge) with us. It is a major initiative for the future generations of our Hindu community in North America. The Sant Sadan is a place to visit with your children, to teach them about our great saints and their contributions. We have chosen 12 saints to start with, we hope to keep adding to this endeavor as we have numerous great saints in the Sanatana Dharma. It includes female saints, as in the Sanatana Dharma there have been numerous female saints that are revered by the Hindus. In fact there were more than 30 female rishis who contributed to the Rigveda alone.