Sage Vashishta is a brahmarishi, a sage who has attained enlightenment and became a Jivanmukta (enlightened liberation) by completely understanding the meaning of Brahman (supreme consciousness, highest Universal Principle, ultimate reality, ‘God’) and has attained the highest divine knowledge and self-knowledge called Brahmajnana. He is credited as the author/contributor of Mandala 7 of the Rigveda, Yoga Vashishta and several Puranas and the Dharmasutra. He was the teacher of Lord Ram. He is one of the saptarishis. He is one of the most highly regarded sages of India. A quote credited to Brahmarishi Vashishta is “Salutations to that calm effulgence which is endless and unlimited by space and time, the pure consciousness which can be known by experience only”.